Friday, February 27, 2009

Marni Faces the Camera

I'm just going to come out and say it!

I am going to produce and host an offbeat, light-hearted video podcast series for Goldstar that, in each episode, centers around a musical, and then closes with a food tribute to that musical. Another excuse to bake! :-)

The following video is a little teaser we put together in the Goldstar Studios where I talk about my love of baking. Maybe you'll recognize a couple of the baked goods in the video...


dan silberstein said...

Do you have an email address? I'm producing the cupcake bakeoff ( and I liked your review of last year's event. Interested in judging this year? Please email me at (310) 902-6955


Anonymous said...

Hey You! My BFF is in the cast of Dirty Dancing, and they are set to come to L.A. after their Boston run. You should check that out and make something fun with watermelon.

P.S. You remind me of a young Carole King ;)

Mary said...

You are a NATURAL on camera! Good job on the vid and of course on all your lovely, lovely goodies! I love your recipes and look forward to your new posts.

Anonymous said...

Can't wait for the full podcast. I'll subscribe.

Jays said...


Anonymous said...

You rock! I tell you, the Food Network should give you an on-camera role.

Marni said...

dan - thanks for the judging invitation. see you at the show!

Tiffany K. - That is an awesome idea. Maybe, just maybe, Dirty Dancing can be one of the episodes! And to be compared to Carole King is quite a compliment! Thanks! :)

Mary - You are too kind. Stay tuned for more!

Justin - Wow! I have an early signup for the podcast! You rock.

Deborah - Why thank you.

Carolyn - Be sure and tell the Food Network that, k? ;)

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