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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Celebrate New York With My Friend Christina's Rainbow Cupcakes

Photo Credit: Tastes Like Yum on flickr
Photo Reprinted with Permission

I am very excited by the news that New York has just legalized same-sex marriage, becoming the largest state to do so. And while perhaps this political news is out of place on a baking blog, I am going there!

My friend Christina and I go wayyyyy back, back to high school in the Bay Area. Christina is a GREAT baker. And actually, I have to give her extra credit because she is up to just about any challenge to turn a "normal" recipe into a vegan one. It's quite impressive. Well, on her own fabulous blog Tastes Like Yum, she just posted a tribute to this fresh-from-the-oven New York law. Rainbow cupcakes! While her cupcakes are vegan, you can use a dairy yellow cake recipe instead and follow her instructions for creating the rainbow layers. Her pics are very helpful!

Visit Christina's Rainbow Cupcake blog post here and let's all toast to New York and hope we see more states follow suit soon. Rainbow cupcakes everywhere! All the time!

Friday, June 4, 2010

I'm Profiled in The LA Examiner!

Partial screenshot of the lengthy LA Examiner article that profiles Happy Go Marni

Today, the LA Examiner's Fine Dining reporter profiled Happy Go Marni, and the girl behind it! It is a wonderful article, and I'm extremely flattered and humbled to be written in such a bright light. It has a thorough overview of my food-loving background, including the fact that I wrote my master's thesis on food blogging, and served as sous chef in a Bay Area bistro at age 14. If you are at all curious about the gal behind this blog, please, by all means, read this LA Examiner piece! We're friends, right? Get to know me better! :)
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