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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Top Secret Pinkberry Ingredients Finally Revealed

What exactly is in that famous tart fro-yo, anyways?

Now we get to know, thanks to a lawsuit last year that forced Pinkberry to expose its ingredients list. Actually, I believe that list has been quietly sitting on the Pinkberry site for a year, but the lawsuit was just settled, drawing all kinds of new attention to the list!

Most disappointing about this is that yogurt plays such a small part in the list. Doh! What did I expect, though? Anything I eat outside of my own home is eat-at-your-own-risk. I have no control over what they put in food at restaurants, even if I make requests.

According to Julia Moskin of The New York Times in an article published today, there are 23 ingredients in Pinkberry frozen yogurt. No, that's not including toppings. While some ingredients are natural, plenty are not. Plenty are made in a lab. Be forewarned. Read the article. Read the ingredients list. Red Mango, the other really big tart fro-yo company, has 14 ingredients. Moskin compares the two brands:
Both companies use nonfat dairy products, sweeteners, emulsifiers and acidifiers, but only Pinkberry’s frozen yogurt includes artificial colors and flavors.
Lesson of the day is to know what you're eating. But I think we'll all be ok. I'm not going to stop eating Pinkberry because of 23 ingredients. Don't Campbell Soups have that many ingredients, too? And Kraft Macaroni and Cheese?

But no, Pinkberry is not all-natural. That's for sure.

Monday, March 31, 2008

Bye Bye Cow: Yogurt Has Redeemed Itself

Back in February, you may recall I had a cow over some yogurt. And for good reason. I bought a container from Trader Joe's and then discovered by reading the label that one serving had 16 grams of fat and 10 g saturated.

Well, I'm a grown up. So while the cow I had back in February was completely justified, I readily, and happily, admit that Trader Joe's yogurt has redeemed itself. Take a look at what I found.

0 grams of fat but still creamy delicious. I am a happy yogurt-eating camper again!

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Having a Cow over Yogurt

I had a cow a couple of days ago, all because of some yogurt.

This first sentence could go so many ugly ways. No, I didn't take a spoonful and then read the one month old expiration date. No, I didn't take a spoonful and then realize it was garlic-flavored. No, I didn't take a spoonful and then spot a gnat with wings flapping. No, I didn't take a spoonful and then read the receipt that said I was mischarged by two decimal places ($120.00 yogurt is pretty expensive).

Yes, I took a spoonful and then read the nutritional info on the back of the container. That's when I had my cow.

I blame it on a combination of trust and naivete. I put way too much faith in Trader Joe's because they make me happy so often. I also made the silly assumption that, "Hey, it's yogurt, how bad can it be for ya?" Well, read this:

16 grams of fat! 10 saturated! Holy moly! I mean, holy cow! I mean, I'm having a cow!

I will not be buying this yogurt again. I am perfectly happy with Yoplait or Dannon light. I'll save my saturated fat for more worthy causes: chocolate. Or dinner at The French Laundry.
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