Thursday, February 26, 2009

Making Waffles on the Stovetop?

I just opened up an email from Williams-Sonoma advertising a new product, and it did what it was supposed to do! Caught my attention! What is this Nordic Ware Waffle Pancake Pan all about?

It seems like a great idea since pulling out the waffle maker can be a pain in the rear, not to mention cleaning it afterward. But does the pan really replace tried and true waffles made in a waffle maker? A stack of these breakfast goods made in the pan sort of resemble pancakes, and they're certainly cooked similarly, that is, on the stovetop, but maybe they magically taste like waffles instead. I am interested to find out!

The pan is $39.95 and you can make 7 mini waffles at a time. I was reading a 5-star review of the product by a Williams-Sonoma customer who tested out the pan, and she nicknamed the edibles "paffles." That is just genius. Paffles they are!



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