Friday, June 13, 2008

Back from Ohio with Peanut Butter Burgers

The Peanut Butter Burger

I had the BEST time in Ohio this past week. I will probably have lots to say in future posts about my experience. But to start, let me tell you about a little something I had in Vermilion, Ohio, a beautiful seaside town on Lake Erie.

The Vermilion Lighthouse

At a cute diner walking distance from the beach, I saw on the menu something that screamed my name.

The diner where I had my a-ha moment

First, you should understand, I love peanut butter. So when the menu listed a Peanut Butter Burger, say no more. Weird sounding? Yeah, maybe a little. But my hesitation? None. My concern it might taste as weird as it sounds? Zero. I just wish I had thought of this sooner!!!

Just look at that glowing piece of heaven in my hands

So here's how you can recreate my amazing, life-changing experience...

The Peanut Butter Burger
Serves 1

1 burger
1 bun
3 sweet pickle chips (not crunchy chips, you silly, pickle slices)
1 heaping tablespoon of peanut butter

Grill your favorite burger to perfection. But don't make some fancy burger patty with tons of spices in it. Let a plain burger speak for itself, and marry the beef flavor with the peanut butter flavor. Toast the bun. While the bun is still hot, spread the peanut butter on the inside of the top bun. Place the three pickle chips on the burger, and put the top bun on the burger. Let the burger sit for a few minutes so the peanut butter can melt onto the burger. Now you can enter the pearly white gates...

Note: The waitress told me to resist the temptation to doctor up the burger with lettuce, ketchup, mustard, etc. Instead, let the simple combination of burger, peanut butter, and pickle work their magic on you.


Jays said...

Yum. I totally want to try this.

I like to eat peanut butter and dill pickles on graham crackers. tolerance for weird peanut butter foods is pretty high I think.

Tiffany K. said...

PB also very tasty on hot dogs! My dad introduced us to that when we were little.

I'm glad you had a good time in Ohio and you made it back to CA!!

Marni said...

deborah - pickles on graham crackers? you win in the weird category. :-P

tiffany k. - i love that idea! i will def try peanut butter on hot dogs. and now to come up with more peanut butter pairings...i know they're out there! (peanut butter pizza?)

Anonymous said...

im willing to give it a shot sans pickles.

Anonymous said...

I'm with David...not so sure about the pickles...

Marni said...

David, Hilary - take a leap of faith! You will be so pleasantly surprised!!!

Unknown said...

My husband mentioned hearing about a restaurant that serves these, so I just had to google it and came across this. We may be trying these soon. My 6th grade math teacher dared our class to try a pb and pickle sandwich and I loved it.

AJ said...

In high school, my friend Nick made me try a Peanut Butter and Mayonaisse sandwich.

FYI, it's as disgusting as it sounds.

Marni said...

karly - i'm so glad you shared that story. you're proof that there are believers in peanut butter, hamburger, and pickles all in one bite! people, i'm not crazy afterall!

aj - i don't even think it sounds that disgusting. still, i'd prefer this burger to that sandwich.

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