Thursday, March 3, 2011

Paula Deen Riding Things?

Too funny! Someone decided to create a website dedicated to helping you photoshop cut outs of Paula Deen onto other photos. All of them result in Paula Deen riding things. Things like corn on the cob, and a bear, and Charlie Sheen's shoulder, and the Happy Go Marni logo (see below!). Thus, a very well thought out blog title: Paula Deen Riding Things. I dare you to make one!

So, should this be my blog's new header artwork?

Thank you, Iselle, for sharing this with me! I'll be checking the site frequently to see the latest and greatest submissions. There are still a lot of objects left for Paula to ride. Should be interesting. Come along for the ride (sorry, had to).


Mom said...

That is very funny! I can't believe the crazy ideas that people come up with these days!!

Marni said...

Mom - I want to see the beautiful artwork you created with a Paula Deen cut out. Send me what you've got!

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