Friday, September 3, 2010

Speaking of Pie, How About a Model T Bakery Truck with a Pie Display in the Trunk!

The coolest bakery truck EVERRRRRR!

In honor of Sunday's 2nd Annual KCRW Good Food Pie Contest in Beverly Hills, I thought I'd share a very neat pie vehicle. Huh? Read on!

Back in June, I attended the Palo Alto Concours D' Elegance, an annual classic car show in the Bay Area. My dad was showing his 1935 Supercharged Auburn, and I might add, he placed 3rd in his class! Go, Dad! Whenever we attend car shows (which is not uncommon when you grow up with a father who restored a vintage car from a box of nuts and bolts and scraps of metal and expended a lot of blood, sweat, and tears for 20 years to complete the project flawlessly), we take an hour or so during the show to walk around and see the other car entries. It's always fun to take a stroll through time, spanning about a century, and see beautiful, old cars. Plus, my dad, who is a car expert, helps me appreciate everything I'm seeing more by explaining the history or significance of each car.

Mom, Dad, me standing in front of my dad's red 1935 convertible Auburn sedan,
and the reason we're at the car show

Standing with my dad's baby

Well, at the Palo Alto Concours D' Elegance, we happened upon a Ford Model T circa 1913. But not just any Model T...a Model T-turned-bakery truck with a pie display in the back!

My mom posing by the pie display at the back of the old bakery truck

My mom and I were instantly in love. We wanted this old bakery truck! My dad explained to me that back in the day when this truck was not vintage, but modern, a bakery would place an order with Ford for the Model T and then Ford would send the Model T to a body company to modify the body and turn it into this specialty truck.

This truck has so much character. Look at the wood sides, the shelves, the paint job. I wish more vehicles today had a personality like this. Instead, I'll just continue to attend car shows with my dad and continue to dream as I walk down aisle upon car aisle representing an era that's now mostly a happy memory.

The pies are on wooden shelves at the back of the bakery truck

Though maybe if I save up enough money, I'll invest in my own Model T bakery truck so a piece of that car personality I yearn for can be mine. And I'll have the paint job say Happy Go Marni Bakery. Wouldn't that be nice...

See you Sunday at the pie contest!

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Anonymous said...

Dear Marni,
I know you in real life but I'm too embarrassed to put my real name on this comment. I have fruit flies in my apartment! They are so gross! I have cleaned everything, thrown out tons of food, set traps, and I still can't get rid of them. With all the yummy stuff you make, have you ever had this problem? How did you get rid of them? If I get over my embarrassment about this, I might tell you who I am :)
Thank you Marni!

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