Monday, September 6, 2010

Take Your Pick of Round Challahs for Rosh Hashanah

My crazy schedule just got a little bit more crazy. You see, on top of the traveling, High Holidays, working full-time, and various other things going on in my life, I'm about to move and I wasn't expecting that. Not far from where I am now. But still. Moving is moving. Hopefully I don't end up needing to pack all my kitchen equipment until the last second, so I can still enjoy a September full of homebaked goodies.

But that crazy schedule does mean I haven't had a chance to try a new round challah recipe this year. So instead, I'm reminding you of two previous posts I did on round challahs in preparation for Rosh Hashanah this week. If you haven't already tried them, you are in for a treat.

OPTION 1: Vanilla Challah and a Super Cool Round Braid Method
The first option is a very neat braiding technique that looks much harder than it is. Check my step-by-step photos for help. You can do this with any challah recipe, though the one I demonstrate with is one of my all time favorite recipes...a vanilla challah by Beth Hensperger.

OPTION 2: No-Knead Round Challah
The second option is a no-knead where you braid the challah in typical three-strand, straight line fashion, then lift the braid up and place it, curved, into the round baking pan.

Either way, you are going to be really pleased with how they come out. They are delicious and regal-looking!

L'Shanah Tovah!

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