Thursday, November 19, 2009

Coca-Cola Debuts New Aluminum Bottles as I Get Tipsy Drinking from Them

A few nights ago I attended a Coca-Cola blogger tasting event at a bar called High on the rooftop of Hotel Erwin in Venice, CA. There were amazing views of the city from up there, and fortunately also heat lamps! I brought along two of my closest friends David and Tzviah and we met up with friend/blogger AJ of Confessions of a Fat Girl and friend Jess. In the elevator on our way up to the roof, I ran into Christina of Hot Pink Manolos and what's funny about that is, we were already friends on Twitter, but I had never met Christina in person until that elevator ride. Ah, the virtual-come-real world! It was also neat to see David and Tzviah wearing name tags with written beneath their names. As if they were working for me or representing me. Well I suppose that's possible...they are lawyer-folk, after all.

The entrance to the bar when you step off the elevator onto the rooftop

Tzviah and David. Notice their nametags! They must work for me. :-)

But besides hanging out with friends at a cool venue in Venice, the primary reason I was there was to check out the new limited availability 8.5-ounce Coca-Cola Aluminum Contour Bottles. They are really neat! They keep the drink cold much longer than the normal cans, and they are sleek and classic like the old glass bottles of decades ago. Plus, unlike glass, they don't break if you drop them. Of course that doesn't make them spill-proof so don't drop them on your white carpet. I should really heed my own advice on that. They're also much heavier containers than the thin aluminum cans we are currently so used to and they're resealable.

At this event, the bartender was mixing cocktails that featured Coke, Diet Coke, and Coke Zero, and then funneling them into the new bottles to serve. I ordered the Coca-Libre, a drink that combined Coke, rum, grenadine, and red sugar. Another drink option was the Lemon Chilled made from Diet Coke, vodka, and lemonade. And a third drink option was the Zero Gravity with Coke Zero, Tequila Herradura, and fresh lime juice. Even some of the passed hors d'oeuvres contained Coke in the recipe. For sure the meatballs with their spicy, tangy Coke sauce. Yum!

Beef meatballs with a sauce made from Coke

At least for now, the new bottles are hard to find. Not sold in supermarkets and only in a few bars. I happen to live not-so-far from one of those bars: the SLS Hotel bar in Beverly Hills. Hopefully you'll have a chance to try a bottle soon. You could toss it in the recycle bin when you're done, or it makes a great bud vase!

Me with AJ of Confessions of a Fat Girl and Jess


SinoSoul said...

*sigh* real soda comes in real bottles: This looked fun tho!

The Duo Dishes said...

Fun fun fun! There were a few tweets about this party, and it sounded like a good time. Lucky you. :)

Marni said...

SinoSoul - You're too funny. Wish you came to the event.

The Duo Dishes - You should have come! Then we'd have seen each other twice within 4 days!

Jays said...

I love these bottles! Also love your idea of a bud vase. that would be so perfect in my house, considering our love of diet coke...

Unknown said...

Congratulations to you and your mom on winning the pie contest! That is very exciting. This sentiment is a little late but sent from the heart.
Aunt Doreen

LoisW said...

My daughter, Paige, sent me here! She told me all about the event and how much fun everyone had. I understand the view from the rooftop was fabulous! I am sooooo jealousing! Who knew about all the coke recipes? Love your blog!!

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