Friday, November 20, 2009

Celebrity Chef Jamie Oliver to Launch a Dating Site

Ok, when I read this next bit of news, I couldn't help but laugh a little. Not because it's a ridiculous idea (in fact, it might be a really, really smart one), but because it seems as though chefs are entering every kind of business now! There's Rachael Ray and Mario Batali and tons of others who each have their own line of cookware and bakeware. Obviously chefs have restaurants, often times cookbooks, and sometimes teach classes or host speaking engagements. They have cooking shows and compete on reality shows. There's Guy Fieri who is even going on tour for a rock and roll cooking show/concert, which you can read all about in the Wall Street Journal. Yes, chef-turned-rockstar.

And now, celebrity chef Jamie Oliver, the Naked Chef, is launching a dating site. The tag line for the site is "Where food lovers meet." I guess if you want to be able to share your love of food with your partner, this could be a great place to find that special someone. In fact, Serious Eats coincidentally posted a really funny forum question a few days ago: "Is dating a picky eater a dealbreaker for anyone?" For a lot of people, it is a dealbreaker. So maybe Jamie Oliver's got something here! He's partnered with for a 2 year deal of food-love matchmaking. According to Marketing Magazine, new members to the site will even have a chance to win a meal for two at Jamie's Italian. The site has sections such as Dinner Date Tips, Food to Make You Fall in Love, and Making the First Meal for your Partner. The URL of the site is pretty easy to remember, too.

Now I've seen it all! No, I guess when a chef starts selling lawn mowers I'll have seen it all.

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Mom said...

So is Jamie Oliver available? I can't wait to hear about the first marriage and what food they serve at their wedding!

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