Thursday, October 23, 2008

Food Tattoos

How much do you love food? And how do you show that love?

I consider myself a pretty zealous food lover because:
  • I have a food blog. Duh.
  • I'm pretty brave when it comes to trying new foods.
  • I'll wake up on a Sunday morning and watch cooking shows.
  • I sign up for cooking classes, even in other states.
  • I dream of spending thousands of dollars to take a Susan Herrmann Loomis cooking class in France or the Three-Day French Chocolate Indulgence with both Susan Herrmann Loomis and David Lebovitz.
  • I have a special budget devoted to unnecessary-for-most-people ingredients because I have a wider-than-most-people definition of pantry staples.
  • I read cookbooks from cover to cover like beach romance novels.
  • And on the topic of cookbooks, I have HUNDREDS and they are exploding all over my living room.
  • If I'm having a down day, the best cure for my woes is a trip to Williams-Sonoma to buy a useless baking pan.
  • I get as starstruck from seeing chefs as I do seeing Hollywood celebs.
  • One time I even dreamt I was competing on Iron Chef America. And I won!
But there's something absent from this list. Something I can't claim for myself. And after learning that this missing item is not even so uncommon, my list suddenly feels kind of blah.

Because NO, I do not have an image of food tattooed to my body for eternity!

If you were to get a food tattoo, what would it be of? Or do you already have one? Do tell!

Food Tattoos Gallery
There is a whole class of people who do have food tattoos! Now that's true love.

Cupcake Tattoos

No, your eyes do not deceive you. This girl got a Rachael Ray tattoo.

1 comment:

City Elf said...

those tattoos...they're so DISTURBING. i mean, i love food. but i'm not crazy.

though maybe i'd tattoo a little piece of pie on me somewhere.

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