Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Weird Fact of the Day: Watermelons Don't Have to be Round

Square watermelons may sound silly, but I kid you not, this is the real deal. Farmers in Japan are growing them like this! And I can see the benefit of a square over a round for things like packaging and shipping and saving space in grocery stores. I can also see the downside, having to bite into an angular slice of fruit as opposed to a curved slice. Boo to that. But whatever you fancy, square or round, you've got to admit, the square looks pretty neat.

You can even make this a DIY project and grow your own square watermelon. There's a website that sells those square containers.

But who said anything about square? Turns out you can grow a watermelon into just about any shape. Take a look at this face.

And if you look closely, you'll see that the watermelon below has indentations to imitate playing dice.

Pyramid anyone?


Anonymous said...

I think those are so pretty! It would be fun to grow unusual shapes!

Marni said...

joyce - well, now you know where to get a square watermelon container! what's stopping you??

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