Saturday, June 21, 2008

Let's Start a Donut Revolution

The cupcake obsession is pretty impressive in L.A., and frankly, nationwide. But why the donut neglect? Why aren't there 30 minute or even hour-long waits in front of donut shops where people line up around the block, nervous the person in front of them will order the last chocolate-glazed buttermilk, and excited to taste these hot-from-the-deep-fryer treats? Why aren't there more people like The Blognut who can talk endlessly about this one dreamy food item? I just don't get it; I love love love donuts. Earlier this month (June 6th, to be exact) was National Doughnut Day. For whatever reason, it was not on my radar, and so here I am, coming late to the party.

When I was in Ohio, I had great ones at Plaza Donuts in Youngstown. They make a maple-glazed cream-filled that's a real winner.

And when the shop owner promotes the shop on his sports car, you know he takes pride in perfecting the donut.

Here in L.A. there are a few options. UrbanDaddy recently featured a list of their L.A. favorites. I haven't been to most on the list, but I'm happy to see Stan's in Westwood made the cut. That's where I get my peanut butter-banana-chocolate chip donut that makes me cry mercy. And here I am in an old photo eating that beloved STANdard...

But other than Stan's, I haven't had an incredibly memorable donut experience here in L.A. Let's make donuts the new cupcakes. Let's wait in long lines together.


Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh, there's a Stan's Donut shop in Santa Clara, too, though, I don't think it's related to the Southern Cal one. The Stan's donuts here will make you swear off any diet. The glazed are almost always warm, as they're freshly made throughout the day. You've never had a more puffy, yeasty donut. My friends and I who never eat donuts (we try to be good), nevertheless, make an exception for these beauties.

Marni said...

Carolyn - It's not the same Stan's as in Westwood, but you're right, it's an amazing place. Maybe any donut shop that is named Stan's is good? Future donut shop owners, take note. My mom works at a hospital near Stan's, so I'm quite familiar with those incredible goodies!

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