Friday, May 30, 2008

The Gloucestershire Cheese Rolling

8lb. block of cheese used for rolling

How much this really has to do with food, I couldn't tell ya. Except the prize is 8lbs. of cheese.

I'm talking about the 2008 Gloucestershire Cheese Rolling. It just doesn't get much weirder. The annual UK tradition of chasing cheese down a deadly steep hill took place on Monday at Cooper's Hill. The official website has this to say about last year's first place winner:
Christopher Anderson, 20, was stretchered off wearing a neck brace on a spinal board after hurting his back as he finished head over heels.
That's right, he could have been paralyzed for trying to win cheese. This year's winner is Tony Hanks, the local postman. I don't know his medical status.

Here's how the race works:
  • First, the MC counts to four.
  • Then, the guest roller releases the heavy wheel of cheese and it goes flying down the hill.
  • Then, and borrowing the website's own dramatic words, "The competitors hurl themselves [Marni thinks to herself: OMG!! OUCH!] down the slope after the cheese."
  • And finally, the cheese is awarded to the first competitor to reach the foot of the hill.

Take a look at this rolly-polly video of the event.

Is this not the cheesiest festival you've ever seen in your life? ;)


Anonymous said...

Hahaha! You are hilarious! Where do you find these things??????

Tiffany said...

I wonder, do they get the cheese that was flung down the hill or new, undamaged cheese?


Marni said...

joyce - where? i don't even have to search! somehow they are magnetically drawn to me.

tiffany - i am quite sure they keep the very cheese they just chased. maybe it softens it a bit so it's ready to spread on crackers at the bottom of the hill. :-P

Jim McCarthy said...

On my site, the people (well Deborah anyway) are demanding a contest from you...

Marni said...

jim - oh no! a contest request! what if someone really far away wins. i have to ship them baked goods overnight? let me think this one over...

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