Tuesday, April 15, 2008

L.A. Cupcake Challenge

Violet's Cakes

Imagine bringing ten of the best cupcake bakeries under one roof, getting to taste mini-cupcakes from each, vote on your favorite, and crown a winner.

You don't have to imagine!

In just over a month, event company Drink:Eat:Play is putting on this awesome affair in Playa Vista Hollywood and they're aptly calling it the L.A. Cupcake Challenge.

They have a pretty good selection of cupcake bakeries in attendance, though a couple of important-in-my-book bakeries will be MIA. Of those coming, I have personal taste bud experience with Violet's Cakes, Yummy Cupcakes, Milk, and Hotcakes Bakes, all great. They'll also have Vanilla Bake Shop, My Little Cupcake, Essential Chocolate Desserts, BabyCakes, Lucky Devils, Famous Cupcakes, and Lark Silver Lake Cake Shop.

In addition to dining on mini-cupcakes, you can also sip from a dozen wines. Please don't drink and vote, though. We want a fair crowning of the Best Cupcake in Los Angeles and wine may impair your judgment!

Fast Facts
What: L.A. Cupcake Challenge
When: Sunday, May 18th at 1p.m.
Where: Playa Vista Center Point Club LOCATION CHANGE! Montmartre Lounge, 6757 Hollywood Blvd. in Hollywood
Price: $60 through Drink:Eat:Play or $40 through Goldstar

And for sheer amusement, can you find the hidden cupcake in this Highlights image?


Anonymous said...

You are so much fun! I love the Highlights game and oh, how I would love to go to the cupcake challenge. Unfortunately, I won't be able to make the drive from northern California on that day! I hope you go and report back!

City Elf said...

oooh, tempting! but $40 for cupcakes is a lil much for me. :(

i'll have to have a violet's cupcake to make up for not being able to attend!

Marni's Organized Mess said...

Oh my! Those are so cute! I just love the butterfly ones!

Marni said...

Joyce - You are so kind. :)

City Elf - A Violet's Cupcake is not a bad alternative. Honestly, I think it should probably win the competition at this event because they are so incredible.

Marni Tiani Self - You have my name! And I love the butterfly ones, too. I should learn how they do that and emulate them...

Anonymous said...

I was there today.

What did you think about the originality? There were so many varieties of Red Velvet and many with Peanut Butter. I loved the Blood Orange Cupcake. I also liked the key lime one too.

Marni said...

Anonymous - We could have met! Darn. I thought there were a couple of really creative cupcakes, such as the mandarin orange one from Sugar Jones, and the beer-caramel sauce on the chocolate cupcake at Lucky Devils. The root beer float one tasted just like a root beer float and had the cutest decor (a straw out the top!). I just reviewed the event if you want to read that post.

Anonymous said...

The strawberry cupcakes from Leynas Kitchen were the hottest ones there! So were the servers!! haha

Marni said...

steve p. - So you'd be in favor of a second voting sheet for best traditional and best original servers?

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