Sunday, February 10, 2008

Valentine's Day Care Package from The Parents

First of all, I give this care package an A+. Thank you, Mom and Dad. You have covered all the bases; this is a very well-thought-out variety!

Let's take a look inside...

Item 1: See's Candies
By tradition, I have always had See's Candies on Valentine's Day. So it's important that a little Bourdeaux get thrown in the mix every year. This heart-shaped box is adorable.


Item 2: Rocky Road from Lula's Chocolates
But my mom's palate has become more and more discriminating about chocolate in the last few years and she knows too well that there is life outside See's. So that explains the inclusion of Lula's, a fantastic chocolate company, based in Monterey. This particular Lula's product is Dark Aloha Rocky Road, described on the label as handmade artisan marshmallows, Hawaiian house-roasted macadamia nuts, and premium dark chocolate. Yum!


Item 3: The Adult Brownie from Andronico's
Moving on, the care package also includes two goodies from local Bay Area spots. The Adult Brownie is from Andronico's Market, a high end grocery store in cities around the Bay. The brownie is not just sold there, it's actually made by them. And you won't believe how chocolaty it is! I am very excited since I am so rarely near an Andronico's! You'll have a lot of fun on The Adult Brownie website, too.


Item 4: Heart Cookie from Sugar Butter Flour Bakery
Sugar Butter Flour is an extraordinary bakery that recently opened in Sunnyvale. I urge you to visit if you're ever up there. The bakers come from very impressive backgrounds, but resumes aside, the food really speaks for itself. Just about every time I am in town, I have to make a stop at "SBF." Until my next trip, this heart cookie will tide me over.


Thanks to my parents, I think I'll be good to go on the chocolate front for the next week. Don't forget, you still have four days before Valentine's Day to go on a treasure hunt of your own for an assortment of chocolate. The important thing is that you have something sweet to eat, though that's true 365 days a year.

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