Monday, January 28, 2008

Enjoying a Good (Wood)chuckle

What's next, skunk for dinner?

The other day, I got a good laugh when I came across a recent Gourmet article describing certain "distinctive" meals from their archives.

So, to let you in on the laugh...

In the '40s, '50s, and '60s, Gourmet actually featured recipes for Roast Beaver Michigan (blech!), Creamed Woodchuck (puke-o-rama!), Roast Raccoon (nasty!), Squirrel in Cider (gag me!), Hasenpfeffer (just say no!), Braised Beaver (so wrong!), Woodchuck Pot Roast (help!), Brunswick Stew (gross!), Lapin Saute A L'Estragon (&@*$^#!), and Woodchuck or Muskrat Pie (there just is no expletive for something like this!).

First I had to get over the shock of these recipes. Was Gourmet serious? Did people really cook this stuff? The magazine didn't lose thousands of readers with each subsequent traumatizing recipe? I mean, come on, there is just nothing kosher about Creamed Woodchuck. But shock has turned to laughter and now I'm a bigger fan of Gourmet than ever! You?


Joyce said...

Marni, you are hysterical.

Eve Wexler said...

Brunswick stew doesn't have to have squirrel or rabbit (which, i agree, sounds totally disgusting). My grandmother makes a yummy beef one that we've adapted for fake meat. Let me know if you ever want the recipe -- not that it gets particularly cold in LA, but it's perfect for a cold weekend!! :-)

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