Sunday, September 11, 2011

The Award for Coolest Eating Utensils Goes to...Bitten Silverware

A guy named Mark Reigelman, an artist, created this genius silverware. I'm not sure what it would feel like to hold these in your hands while eating - perhaps a bit (pun intended) sharp or uncomfortable? But worth it, right? Way to go, Mark. I am awarding you with the Happy Go Marni Award for Coolest Eating Utensils.

And now it's time to meet the man. This is Mark(s) Reigelman. In the Info section of his site, he dedicates a page to his Team. When you get there, this is what you see. A bunch of Marks. Ha!


Mom said...

I agree! That is a very fun idea extremely well executed!

Sarah Likes Green said...

that's really cool.

Tzviah said...

Looks like Cookie Monster did some damage! Hahahahahaha!!! I love this.

Miss T said...

Oh man, they are too COOOOL! I want thise now - shipping to Australia would cost???
Love it
T x

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