Friday, September 17, 2010

Happy Go Marni Has a Facebook Page!

I started this blog in December of 2007. Yeesh! Now, 2 years and 9 months later, it's September of 2010, and the blog has a Facebook page! My, how it's grown. I feel like a parent who's marking her kid's height against a door frame using a red crayon. And this parent is in shock at the height increase. Fortunately for Happy Go Marni, the growth spurt isn't painful! Poor non-metaphorical kiddos.

I continue to have so much fun with this blog. It's time to take it to the next level!


More and more of my blogger friends are creating Facebook pages for their blogs and I'm finding it really helpful for keeping up with the latest posts of all these pals. I use Facebook as my aggregator. I have Google Reader too. But since I log into Facebook daily anyways, it is really easy and convenient to see my friends' blog posts come up in my newsfeed. And I can always visit their pages manually by doing a quick search.

So I am adding my own blog to the mix. Not only will it be an easy way for friends and family to keep up with the blog via Facebook, but Happy Go Marni readers I've never even met before will have a new way of engaging with the blog. As time goes by and I get into a groove where I know exactly how I want to use the Facebook page, I might include other commentary or links of interest. In that way, the page is not simply a place for me to share my most recent recipe or blog post, but a slightly deeper connection between readers and the author of Happy Go Marni. A maybe-not-quite-all-but-close-to-all-access pass to me. :)

If you're a Happy Go Marni reader, click Like on the Facebook page. I can't wait to get to know you better!

And a special shout-out to Hillel Smith, my talented graphic artist friend who created the profile graphic for the new Facebook page. He also redesigned this blog. He's really awesome. You should hire him. :-P

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