Monday, June 22, 2009

The Kitchen Table: A Winning Kosher Experience in Mountain View

Living in Los Angeles, I have quite a selection of Kosher restaurants at my fingertips, ranging from fast food to Jewish deli and all the way up the scale to steakhouses. But it's a funny thing how I eat at just one Kosher restaurant in Mountain View, California, and I suddenly realize Los Angeles doesn't have it all.

I'm talking about The Kitchen Table, a new Kosher establishment on the popular Castro Street in downtown Mountain View (just south of Stanford University and a little north of San Jose). I ate here with my parents and sister for Father's Day. My mom secured a reservation, which the restaurant staff tell me is a smart thing to do as tables, which in my opinion aren't so limited, apparently still fill up. The decor inside is sophisticated but with personality as crystal chandeliers and abstract metal artwork are juxtaposed with old black and white photographs of families sitting at their kitchen tables. But Father's Day brought lots of sunshine and good weather and so we opted to eat outdoors on the front patio where lots of cheerful green shrubs separate you from the busy street.

Photographs of families at their kitchen tables cover a wall of the restaurant

The staff are incredibly gregarious. Our waitress Suzanne was fun, honest, and attentive. A co-owner also greeted us at our table. We felt loved. And the feelings are mutual!

My dad with our waitress Suzanne

But ambiance and waitstaff aside, the menu is the real kicker! Prices are very reasonable and the dishes are so creative! Scanning the menu I was drooling. The lunch menu includes a Chipotle BBQ Pulled Chicken Sandwich, Knish of the Day, Hand-Cut Yam Fries, Tuna Ceviche with Fried Plantain Chips and Spicy Avocado Relish, Chicken & Matzo Ball Soup, Lamb BLT, Dry Aged Tuscan Salami with Dijon on a Crispy Baguette, House Cured Pastrami Sandwich, and lots more. Dinner includes many of the same items as lunch, but also entrees such as Honey, Thyme & White Wine Glazed Salmon, Tamarind Mango Braised Duck Leg, Masala Spiced Lamb Kabob, and Boneless Rib-Eye Steak.

House Cured Pastrami Sandwich

Salami Potato Knish with Rocket Salad

3 eggs, Hash Latkes, and Lamb Bacon with Whole Wheat Toast

Chocolate Babka with Fresh Fruit

Tunisian Shakshouka

Homemade Grilled Pita Wedges

Since we ate at 10am on a Sunday, we ordered from a small brunch menu of just 5 choices, though we had no trouble finding many things we wanted. In the future, hopefully they'll add one or two more breakfasty items like Challah French Toast and Blueberry Pancakes. I selected the Tunisian Shakshouka, consisting of three eggs in a tomato sausage sauce and a side of homemade pita wedges. My sister's and dad's meals included lamb bacon, and so I was fortunate enough to try a bite. Wow, that alone was worth the trip! My mom ordered chocolate babka, fresh fruit, and a salami potato knish. Presentation and taste were all on point. Even my coffee came with a mandelbrot cookie on a sleek white saucer.

Father's Day Brunch Menu

Coffee and Mandelbrot

Very soon, The Kitchen Table will be offering Shabbat take-out. Now that's something I wish more Los Angeles Kosher restaurants did! I came to this place with no expectations and practically no information about it - just an open mind. It turned out to be a perfect 10 of an experience. I am deeply and madly in love.

The Kitchen Table
142 Castro Street
Mountain View, CA 94041
(650) 390-9388
Lunch/Dinner/Sunday Brunch/Take-Out/Catering


Mom said...

I have been there twice and have had two excellent experiences! The food has been creative and delicious and the staff made us feel so welcome. We are really happy that we celebrated Father's Day with you and Beth (our other daughter) at "The Kitchen Table"!

Carolyn Jung said...

You had me at the chocolate babka! ;)
I haven't been to the Kitchen Table yet, but definitely want to check it out. Especially for the babka. Bread filled with chocolate. It can't miss.

foodcreate said...

Wow! What a great view ! I need to go there for Mother day!

Thanks for your post!


Have a Great Day!

Marni said...

Mom - I'm so jealous that you live nearby this place! I want to go back with you to try the lamb BLT next time I'm in town.

Carolyn - Wow. I didn't know you had a thing for chocolate babka! Sometime I'll have to get my Bubbe's chocolate babka in your hands to try...

foodcreate - Thanks for the nice words. Hope you get a chance to eat there soon!

Anonymous said...

This looks amazing!

p.s. xooro is opening a new location on Melrose, you should check out some of the new flavors!

Sideline Owner said...

how dey gonna have pancakes (d) and french toast(d) and sausage shakshuki? dis aint dennys. appreciate the vision.

Ralphie said...

Babka at Eilat bakery in LA (fairfax & pico locations) ain't too shabby either.

Anonymous said...


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