Friday, March 27, 2009

This L.A. Cupcake Challenge Judge Doesn't Know What to Wear!

Last year, May 18, 2008 to be exact, I attended the L.A. Cupcake Challenge. It was an amazing experience, delicious, sickening, and fun all at once. And I reported on the day in this very blog.

Well this year, I'm headed back, but I'm wearing a different hat. Ok technically I didn't wear a hat last year. But what I mean is, I'm a judge! The 2009 L.A. Cupcake Challenge, sponsored by Nesquik, is happening this Sunday, March 29.

But before that day arrives, where I will taste 34 cupcakes from 19 bakeries across the land and schmooze with the most discriminating of taste buds, I need your advice. I have but one question for you:
Can I pull off wearing the same shirt as last year? The shirt reads "Make Cupcakes Not War." The message will always be in fashion, but is wearing it two years in a row a faux pas? Let me know in the comments!


AJ said...

I think that shirt is too perfect NOT to wear it!

Unknown said...

I also concur. Isn't Johnny Cupcakes the ultimate baker couture? If not, I say you go to the melrose store and buy a new one. Because this year's model is always better then last year's!

Anonymous said...

How about this dress?

Have fun judging!

TMC said...

Love the shirt! I think it's ok to wear it again. :)

Tiffany K. said...

I think I have to agree with Andrew. The shirt is great, but your a JUDGE this year!! Why not get a new one to celebrate the honor?

Robert's idea is also fantabulous ;)

~Tiffany K.

Jays said...

If you have the time and resources, I vote for something new to honor the occasion. But, if all else fails, I think the current cupcake shirt would be better than no cupcake shirt at all.

Tzviah said...

I think that the top priority is to wear a cupcake shirt. Whether it's the same shirt or a new one is less important than the fact that the shirt discusses cupcakes. And after all, it's not bad for you to have a signature, cupcake challenge t-shirt!

Tiffany K. said...

I came across this, and think it should be in the running for next year ;)

~Tiffany K.

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