Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Eggnog Ice Cream, the Cheating Method

Call me what you will. Perfectionist sounds about right. But if you read my last post on Eggnog Ice Cream, things didn't go exactly how I wanted them to go. Enter: Backup Plan Eggnog Ice Cream. I read somewhere on the internet that you could simply take a carton of eggnog and churn it. I HAD to see this for myself. So I went to Trader Joe's, purchased their brand of eggnog, and went home to try it out. Normally, I wouldn't expect a carton of anything to churn successfully into ice cream, but eggnog shares a lot of similarities with the custard method of making ice cream because it's a creamy drink made with eggs.

Low and behold, the carton of eggnog churned. Too cool!

1-Ingredient Eggnog Ice Cream
Recipe by Marni (well, really, borrowed from the internet)

1 (1-quart) carton of eggnog

Pour the entire contents of the eggnog carton into an ice cream machine and churn until thick. Scoop into a container and set in freezer to harden to your liking. Voila!

Step-by-Step in Pictures


Anonymous said...

Looks like it could use some nutmeg or something. I don't know. I could go for a blind test test between the two.

Anonymous said...

Talk about easy! You're sure to get the egg nog flavor down with this recipe!

Marni said...

David - actually, of the two eggnog ice creams i made, this one tastes the most like eggnog since it is made completely of eggnog! so although you can't see nutmeg specks in the photo, it definitely has the taste of nutmeg. Mmm

Jenn - I know! I feel like a cheater!

Anonymous said...

Wow - who knew!? We're having a party food recipe contest and would love to have you enter one of your favorite recipes. The prize is a $400 GC! Check it out at MarxFood.com

Anonymous said...

I love the ease of this. It's like making green tea ice cream by mixing in matcha into vanilla ice cream. Tasty, and no one would ever know you took a shortcut.

Anonymous said...

Pretty clever!

Jays said...

Now this is my kind of recipe! I'm totally going to do this with the kids.

Anonymous said...

Your blog makes me hungry. :)

I'm adding you to my Google reader so I can stop by more often!

P.S. How 'bout that game this weekend? Fight on!

Marni said...

Emily - I'll have to check out your contest. Thanks for the tip!

Carolyn - Cool! I didn't know that about matcha and vanilla. Might have to try it sometime...

Ice Cream Freaks - I know! And yet embarrassingly easy.

Deborah - Your girls will have so much fun and feel so accomplished. They'll have made ice cream from "scratch"!

Heather - I'm so flattered you stop by here. I should really hire you to take all my food photos, miss photographer! Fight on!

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