Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Win an Ice Cream Neighborhood Block Party

I'm slow to learn of this contest, but it's not too late! It started March 11, but you still have till May 30 at midnight Eastern Time to enter. Dreyer's is holding the Dreyer's Slow Churned Neighborhood Salute. I love this idea. You write up a short essay (350 words or less) explaining why your neighborhood deserves an ice cream block party, and then cross your fingers that your dreams come true and you are selected!

If you think this already sounds good, it's about to get better. Get this: Dreyer's is selecting 1,500 (you heard me right, that's a LOT of winners) essays for the grand prize.

And about that grand prize...
You'll get 12 cartons of Dreyer's Slow Churned light ice cream delivered to your doorstep, 4 boxes of Dreyer's Slow Churned light ice cream bars, and a party-in-a-box, including ice cream scoops, napkins, spoons, nametags, disposable camera, etc...). Dreyer's says that's enough for about 100 normal people, but they haven't considered that it would only feed about 10 ice-cream-aholics who don't mind a tummy ache.

The judging rubric is as follows:
Originality/Creativity - 50%
Enthusiasm - 25%
What makes your neighborhood special - 25%

I'd better get going on my essay. I need to come up with an amazing hook, that first line that ensures I'm one of the lucky 1,500...


Anonymous said...

two comments. who has room for that much ice cream in their freezer.

also, nelsons arm looks awfully phallic.

Unknown said...

can i move to your neighborhood when you win? =)

Marni said...

anonymous - you're not storing the ice cream if you win. you're eating it right then, with your neighbors. cuz it's a block party, and they're delivering the prize to your doorstep just in time for the party. and NO COMMENT on nelsons arm!

crystal - i would love it if you moved here! is that all it would take? I'll just buy you loads of ice cream then...

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