Wednesday, March 26, 2008

My Blog is in Your Kitchen

My blog is in your kitchen. What I'm trying to say is, wow, people actually try the recipes I post on here. That, in addition to all your fun comments, means I'm not just talking to myself here! I know blogs are public domain and mine is no exception (note to self: use words wisely!), but I'm pretty new to the blog scene and still wide-eyed and euphoric when there's blog reader activity on here.

Tiffany K. has already made my grandmother's chocolate cake...twice!

Deborah Graff is a newfound blondie aficionado.

But who's counting?

This morning, I got to work and found that an elf had delivered a plate of blondies to my desk. Oh happy day! This is the ultimate compliment. Someone made a recipe off my blog and then hired an elf to share the goods with me. That someone is Deborah Graff; that elf is her husband with whom I work. Deborah made these with the help of three adorable daughters. She had butterscotch chips lying around so she used those along with the chocolate chips.

The result: same great blondie, same great taste, new kitchen.


Anonymous said...

I made the blondies too! I love reading your blog!

Eve Wexler said...

I made the blondies last weekend in Alabama, they were a huge hit!! (Especially with my grandfather, who remembers food he ate 15 years ago at a good restaurant somewhere, and loves desserts but usually doesn't like brownies.) Sorry I didn't take any pictures. I used jumbo chocolate chips, which were yummy but maybe too heavy -- next time I will just use regular ones. Yummy!!

Tiffany K. said...

I made them too, and loved them. My behind however was not a fan ;)

And, since I read all about your hobby, I thought you might like to take a look at mine. I make diaper cakes, and I set up an About My Baby site to promote them, 'cause I love AMB!!

Marni said...

You guys make me so happy!!! I am honored!

And Tiffany K., your diaper cakes are incredible! So creative, so symmetrical, just perfect! Thank you for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Lil' baby Cake's diaper cake is guaranteed to arrive in impeccable condition swaddled in a whisper of white tulle.

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