Monday, March 17, 2008

The Motorcyclist's Diet

I had a gross realization today by way of a conversation with our Sys Admin over IM. First, an important detail: He rides a Harley to work. Well, today he is working from home until early afternoon and as his desk is in close proximity to mine, he needed me to get him some information he left on it. After doing the favor, I told him he owes me a cupcake for my efforts. He facetiously replied, "OK, I'll put it in my pocket." That's when it dawned on me, motorcyclists can't exactly carry things. So that was Dawn #1.

Then I experienced Dawn #2. Another reason I don't want a cupcake from a motorcyclist: Bugs. Bugs that will stick to cupcake frosting.

And finally, Dawn #3. Motorcyclists eat bugs. How can they not? Unless they wear something over their face or never open their mouths. Don't try to tell me that a motorcycle windshield is 100% bugproof. Bugs can go around. And when motorcyclists stop at red lights, there's no wind to keep bugs aimed exclusively at the windshield.

Gross. Bugs are the motorcyclist's diet.

(That's our Sys Admin on his bike, on a particularly smart day with his mouth covered. I highly doubt all days are like this.)


KZ said...

oooooh, a diet high in protein!

Anonymous said...

For the record. I have never eaten a bug while riding my motorcycle. For the most part while riding on highways I install my quick release windshield which protects me from 99.9999% of airborne insects. Having said that, I will fess up that I have had at least a dozen bugs splat on my face while not riding with a windshield, at least two of which were bee's that stung me on impact.

Marni said...

Dave, I think you're in denial. :-P

But I'm happy to see you stand up for yourself here! Why on earth were you riding without a windshield? Masochist.

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