Thursday, March 6, 2008

I Need to Study Up on My Brownie Literature

I just took a Brownie Trivia Quiz on The Nibble, a fun online food magazine. Four multiple choice questions and I got zero right. I will now go mope about my lack of brownie knowledge and hunt for a brownie to make me feel better. Why don't they teach these things in school?

Take the quiz! Tell me how you do!


KZ said...

Hehehe. I scored 75%. Maybe you should bake me a brownie.

Anonymous said...

That was fun and I got 2 right! I want a taste test that asks "is it a brownie or chocolate cake" to see if I can tell the difference! Wish we could arrange that online! :-)

Marni said...

wow you guys are so smart! how'd you know all that!?

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