Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Cuckoo for Cookies

I’m a baker, so it should come as no surprise that I have high standards for baked goods. I hold myself to those high standards and always try to improve on my previous efforts. But while I’m not especially fond of burnt, dry, mediocre sweets, I have a heart. I’m not going to insult a friend who hands me his first-ever peanut blossom or advise a dinner party hostess when her cake is dry. I’ll just bite my tongue as I bite the homemade “eh.”

And now, having said all that, allow me to be foodsnobby for one second. When I am paying for the goods, meaning I am in complete control having selected the bakery and the items, the goods had better be, well, good! Paying for burnt, dry, mediocre is no fun.

I am very happy to share a cookie company with you that is oh so GOOD! I just discovered it and it passes the Marni Taste of Approval with flying colors. In fact, these are some of the best cookies I have ever tasted and are going to give Mrs. Beasley’s a run for her money. A giant box of assorted cookies, some regular, some sandwich-style, was delivered to my office about a week ago as a holiday gift. The sandwich ones are my favorite because there are so many flavors in a single bite. My top picks are the carrot cake sandwich cookie, the peanut butter and jam sandwich cookie, and the peppermint pattie sandwich cookie, which is two chocolate cookies enveloping a peppermint frosting.

You just don’t expect delivery cookies to be anything but cookie cutter (pardon the pun) unoriginality. These cookies kill that concept and will absolutely be the only cookies I order as gifts, assuming I’m not available to bake my own.

The company is called Cookie Dough Daddy. I believe they are currently only delivering to greater Los Angeles, and you know what that means? If you live anywhere else, you’d better move here.


Anonymous said...

Move to the bay area, you turkey!

Anonymous said...

i second the motion. the carrot cake cookies were great. i only ask that you stop inviting people to move to los angeles. there are too many people here already.

Unknown said...

i loved the peppermint one. thanks for saving one for me!!

cookiedoughdaddy said...

Dear Marni!
I am so sorry...I would have written sooner! We JUST saw this wonderful post you did some 3 years ago about our cookies from cookiedoughdaddy! How kind of you to share your love...and we hope to send you some again really soon. Thanks so much!

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